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A Sonic the Hedgehog game maybe? Or a shooter game like Perfect Dark? Or maybe a fighter game like DBZ?
Or, possibly all of the above. Maybe a series where RD and Firefly play games, with occasional appearances from Rarity, Fluttershy, Derpy, Izzy and Twilight. Kinda like UpUpDownDown.
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For the stories
MLP Next gen
Sequel series following the children of the elements of harmony
The Titanverse war
While keeping watch over the Titanverse, Titaness Galactic finds a large growing mass of corrupted stars seeking to destroy the Titanverse forever.
Galactic attempts to fight the mass, known as Planet-killer, but fails. She flees back to her planet, and begins to prepare and gather allies for the greatest battle in the history of the Titanverse  
MLP: Chaos edition
MLP rewrite, but anything can happen at any time. Expect anything, no matter how weird or unusually placed it seems.
Chaos edition, begins now
Final Farewell
When Equus begins to fade away, little by little, Twilight and her friends prepare to say their final goodbyes to everycreature that they know.
Everycreature meets in the town square of Ponyville and begin their farewells. And as the last bit of the planet fades, so do the hugging creatures. The end. . .not
Right before the mane 6 fade, a large portal opens in the sky. From the portal come an infinite amount of spheres of light.
The spheres begin to circle the mane 6, spreading outwards. As they continue spreading, Equus slowly begins to un-fade, but it is very different now. It is now incapable of fading away and is infinite.
The many creatures open their eyes to find themselves in a meadow where Ponyville once was. The spheres of light all move in front of them, revealing to be all of the OCs created by the people who adored them.
They explain that they have been come their in order to say a special message to them.
What was the message? It was this
You have inspired our creators to create us. You may feel like this is the end, but it is only the beginning.
You now have the opportunity to create your own stories, and we now have access to them as long as you desire us to.
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