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Background Pony #D573
@Background Pony #82C5  
During the battle against Planet-killer, Galactic changes into her true form: A shapeless entity of galaxies, stars, and planets known as the Interstellar Gigantiness: Her name is Dream Slicer
Background Pony #D573
@Background Pony #82C5  
First one
Rise of Hybridonia
One day, Starlight is heading back to Twilight’s castle from the tree of harmony when she inhales violet colored mist from a weird plant.
Nothing odd seems to happen at first, but the next morning, she has turned into a spider-pony capable of infecting others with the violet mist.
But everycreature has a different creature that they fuse with. Luckily, the mist only affect them physically. They remain the same mentally
Soon, the hybrids begin to infect the world, turning it into Hybridonia
Background Pony #D573
@Background Pony #82C5  
Next one
Galactic’s team
When Galactic is growing tired of having to travel from place to place and solve problems there without having time to herself, she makes a decision.
She instructs Sparkling to form a fleet of 999 trillion crystal UFOs and a large mothership to travel the multiverse and find those who desire to join the UTD(Ultimate Titanverse Defenders.
During this time, Sparkling has expanded to become 999 quadrillion times as large as when she was first created.
Background Pony #D573
@Background Pony #82C5  
Final and most interesting one
In the Everfree forest, a portal opens near Zecora’s hut. Out of the portal came an army.
Zombies, drowns, husks, strays, skeletons, creepers, spiders, withers, ghasts, blazes, slimes, Piglins, Piglin brutes, wither skeletons, endermen, shulkers, ender dragons, pillagers, vindicators, ravagers, magma cubes, and phantoms, an infinte amount of each.
During this invasion, Celestia and Luna are unable to change night into day. The moon was stuck in the sky.
Growing desperate, Celestia and Luna sent Twilight and her friends to the world that these monsters came from in order to stop this invasion. But the mission was a failure.
They only had one more option left. They would go to war.
Celestia held a meeting with the other kingdoms in order to inform them of this. They all began to train against these foes
The 6 were once again sent back to the other world, but this time to gather the strongest most powerful weapons for the war. They brought back 500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 worlds worth of armor, weapons, food, and other things.
They began to build many factories across the planet, in order to duplicate the rescources. They began to industrialize their towns, cities, villages, and farms.
And thus began, the mob war
Background Pony #D573
@Background Pony #82C5  
You know how all wars have one final confrontation before the war ends
Well, I want the final confrontation to be against this monster
The evolved form of the wither  
The witherstorm
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