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The election for mayor is coming up. Some acquaitences and family members of AJ ask her to run for mayor. AJ is very reluctant at first but she decides to do to get some changes done. She’ll have to face Spoiled Milk who is her opponent in this election. Can the honest yeoman farm girl beat the patritican elitist wife of a buisness tycoon?
And what challenges will AJ face as Lady Mayor of Ponyville?
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Also, I could see Fluffle Puff running alongside Chrysalis,, i mean, she is a friend to her, so why not?  
Maybe as assistant?
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AJ, Mayor Mare, Spoiled Rich, Cup Cake, Derpy, Cream Heart, Flitter, and… Fluffle Puff. Maybe also throw in Altus Bastion or Sequoia if you really, really want a giantess in the mix.
EDIT: Let’s make it STV, with 5 reps needed and 20 running. Here are the absolute values I used:  
Mayor Mare- 538466  
Applejack- 300000  
Cup Cake- 83666  
Spoiled Rich- 73  
Derpy- 834864  
Cream Heart- 300000  
Flitter- 15357  
Fluffle Puff- 741923  
Altus Bastion- 872  
Sequoia- 825  
Ipomoea- 9001  
Sandbar- 9999  
Blackjack- 71519  
Plaid Stripes- 19800  
Nyx- 7777  
Snowdrop (SFS)- 5555  
Snowdrop (MutatingRaven)- 8888  
Sunny Starscout- 65535  
Puppysmiles- 6666  
Flurry Heart- 4444
And the percentages that these vales give in an Excel pie chart:  
Mayor Mare- 18  
Applejack- 10  
Cup Cake- 3  
Spoiled Rich- 0  
Derpy- 28  
Cream Heart- 10  
Flitter- 1  
Fluffle Puff- 25  
Altus Bastion- 0  
Sequoia- 0  
Ipomoea- 0  
Sandbar- 0  
Blackjack- 2  
Plaid Stripes- 1  
Nyx- 0  
Snowdrop (SFS)- 0  
Snowdrop (MutatingRaven)- 0  
Sunny Starscout- 2  
Puppysmiles- 0  
Flurry Heart- 0
The winners are Mayor Mare, Applejack, Derpy, Fluffle Puff, and Cream Heart.
Half of Flitter’s voters only like Flitter (They’re PegaNazis)
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