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Background Pony #E451
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First story is this one
Alicorn kingdom
One day, Starlight is brought to Canterlot for an important meeting.
When she gets there, she finds several dozen alicorns other than Celestia and Luna.
Starlight soon realizes that she had been brought there to become ruler of the Alicorn Kingdom, and become an alicorn in the process.
After explaining this to her friends and thinking about it, she accepts, and prepares to leave Equestria.
Background Pony #E451
@Background Pony #82C5  
Next one features two new OCs
Siblings of luck
Two young pegasi foals, one a colt and the other a filly, are born with unusual abilities.
The filly, named Lucky Love, is able to spread good luck to those she desires.
The colt, named Negatroll, spreads bad luck to whoever he wishes
Background Pony #E451
@Background Pony #82C5  
Queen Starlight
Normal appearance, but with wings(base is same color as her coat, middle is medium violet, and tips are lapis-blue)
Also has a silver crown with several beautiful medium-blue magic strengthening emeralds, and a large silver staff with a larger emerald on the top.
Background Pony #E451
@Background Pony #82C5  
Lucky Love and Negatroll
Lucky Love has a bright violet coat, dark green wings, rose-red mane and tail with a sky-blue stripe in both. Cutie mark of a four-leaf clover
Negatroll has a brown coat with maroon wings, dark leaf-green mane and tail, and a cutie mark of a black cat
Background Pony #E451
@Background Pony #EAFF  
Next story is this one
The friendly nightmare
One night, Harmony dreams of a very frightening creature, but she does not mean any harm. She reveals herself as Midnight Sun, and explains that she had been trapped within the dream realm for 20,000 years, searching for a way out.
Harmony agrees to help release her from her prison, as long as she does not trouble anypony
Background Pony #E451
@Background Pony #82C5  
The ghostly filly
When strange things begin happening around Twilight’s castle wherever Starlight is, they decide to hire a ghost hunter to rid the castle of the spirit
But when they finally capture the ghost, she reveals herself as Lost Spirit. She states that she only wanted Starlight to care for her, as she knows how kind and caring she is.
Starlight is warmed at her words, but the ghost hunter refuses to let Lost free. This angers Starlight, and she goes to find Lost and bring her back home
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