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Idk why people don’t like the comic sans font I tried it in a comic I’m making and it looks good, simple, and easy to read I don’t want my comics To be hated just because of a font what should I do and is there a font that is great for comics that is simple and easy to read?
What’s most important is that your comic is engaging and effectively communicates your story, and the font is just one of many tools you have at your disposal to achieve that. Ultimately, the choice of font should be driven by your creative vision, and as long as it enhances the reading experience for your audience, it can be considered a successful choice.
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reformation is the best
I have an AU going on but I made polls that have to deal with a problem regarding a pack in my AU look:
I wanted native amarican due to the pack (they are ponies who turn into wolves) who live near where appaloosa would be so I thought that native amarican could fit but i don’t want to cause anything bad even though this is MY OWN creation and has no connection to any existing tribe but with the worry I had to ask and stuff but now im thinking of making this pack be more like Hobbits/halflings.
I have an idea for thier housing yo be more hobbit like but now I feel like I want to change the main culture to be more hobbit but I want to keep the headdress like one of the options I have on the poll (mainly the more simple one) so you can have something that shows who is the leader and I want it to refect the environment so dry grass would be the case.
My idea is that
Culture is more hobbit/halfling
With a mix of having great respect towards the sun (almost religiously-like) and a mix of prairie dog for security reasons.
Clothing is a mix of hobbit/halfling with long fabrics of clothing over the shoulder for the king and the males of the pack (females would wear them for winter) and having symbols of the sun on clothing and jewelery and on the headdress for the king, wearing dry grass is an accessory that disqungues this pack from others.
This is what I had so far and once I get the head dress with the most votes I would change it a bit and hope the final result won’t offend anyone
But I still want your advice so I know what to do
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I mentioned this before, but I occasionally use NovelAI or one of its derivatives to help generate ideas if I get stuck during writing. Now, I don’t use the AI to write the story for me, because it usually starts going off the rails almost immediately- but rather I use it to bridge the gaps between scenes in the story, which admittedly has always been a weak point of mine. I feed the AI relevant text, have it try to generate the next few lines, and then go from there.
But, I have to admit, I may want to start using NovelAI a bit more, since I found out it has something called Lorebook. I haven’t had a chance to really try it out, but it looks like you can make entries about aspects of your story- characters, locations, and so forth- fill in relevant information, and the AI can generate content based on those entries.
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Hey guys. It’s been a while lol
Anyway, I wrote a little something for my story, sort of like a “prologue” I’d say.
It’s an attempt at poetry :V
“Legacy of a dying star”
There was once a star that refused to die, because when stars die, they eat the light and leave nothing behind. But it refused to keep living as it was as well, so a new legacy was created instead, because ancestors never die; they live within their successors.
From a dying star’s conscience, it emerged; SHE was created, surpassing time before reaching ground and decaying. The universe’s beacon of awareness was born.
Multiplication by multiplication, SHE materialized. Little by little, the roots emerged.
With a new legacy born, the reign of the unanimated was no longer alone.
The new conscience arrived. The chaos in the surface greeted her with enthusiasm.
“A new legacy begins” they sing.
“Let us design it your way” SHE hears.
And so, through pure instinct, SHE begins HER procedures, before the one who always comes back with time arrives.
“These little dots shall be our legacy” SHE adds.
Millions and millions of possibilities the unanimated will never understand are the reason for their elevation.
Because of death, there is life. And because of life, there is death.
“They shall be only used to elevate life” SHE warned the unanimated.
“For the evil sibling of time is always waiting”.
“Our little dots and strings of life shall define us” they all concluded. For SHE will never die; SHE will live within the embryos of the underground.
Multiplication by multiplication, THEY emerged: the lords of dots and strings.
The trees and the beasts followed, and they too recieved THEIR blessings.
Coded one by one, with each new sequence created, they differentiated from each other.
“The inmortality of legacy shall define US” THEY said. And so, they emerged from the depths.
THEIR eternal duty shall THEY take, for ancestors never die; they live within their successors.
THEY became the new encoders: the ambassadors of life.
My writing skills are a bit rusty, so feel free to correct me on anything.
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