My old Sonic Rainboom sequel


Nostalgia Purist
It was just another ordinary day in Ponyville, and The Mane Six had nothing special to do. The sun it was shining from a clear blue sky, as the ponies relaxed.
But one day that summer, was Rainbow Dash busy with preparing for the anniversary of Best Young Flyer Competition.
The Mane Six sat in Sugarcube Corner with something to drink one morning, as Rainbow Dash she told about the coming competition.
“It will be bigger than last time we were together in Cloudsdale. and I have to fly against the Shadowbolts this time!” Rainbow Dash she said to her friends.
“The Shadowbolts? Stay careful now!” Applejack she said to Rainbow Dash.
Then Rainbow Dash she told stories about how she raced against the Shadowbolts before, but never before in an competiton.
“Don’t overdo it! We won’t see another accident in Cloudsdale again!” Rarity said to Rainbow Dash.
The next day came, and Twilight she made the spell so they could walk on clouds again. So the ponies flew in their hot air balloon up to Cloudsdale with Rainbwo Dash beside. The Mane Six got welcomed by their friends in the sky that went with them to the Cloudiseum.
There was a huge crowd of ponies under the sun, and more ponies went to the competition than last. The place was decorated with flags, banners and on.
The cheering of the crowd was loud, and it got louder while Princess Celestia she entered the Cloudiseum.
“Greetings everypony! I now have the pleasure to open the anniversary of this competiton, and one of thopse who returns are Rainbow Dash!” Princess Celestia she shouted.
Rainbow Dash shaked, as she saw the biggest crowd in Cloudsdale.
“Now don’t get nervous! Show those Shadowbolts who you are!” Pinkie Pie said to Rainbow Dash. As the crowd warmed up, was there an acrobatic show by female ponies.
There was few minutes until Rainbow Dash should fly, and she teamed up with both Spitfire and Soarin’.
“Thanks to our acrobatic ponies, and now for the main event that is the race between the crowd of both ponies from Cloudsdale, and Shadowbolts!” Princess Celestia she shouted.
“That pony who wins, are rewarded with my golden Canterlot award!” Princess Celestia shouted.
The ponies gathered at the line, as Princess Celestia she counted down. In the meanwhile, was the crowd cheering loudly.
“Go Rainbow Dash! Good luck!!” Applejack she shouted.
“So you think you can win? We the Shadowbolts will do our best to win again!” Shadowbolt said to Rainbow Dash.
Then a firework it opened the race between the ponies, as Rainbow Dash she flew for gold. Both the crowd and the sound of the fliers was loud, while Sonic Rainbooms it filled the air.
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