Onde crossover megaman zero/zx and my little pony

Cuttin clouds

I have a great idea for a fanfic but how its hard to find some megaman/mlp Crossover i made that to find some users to help
for example
One of my ideias:
Smolder find the biometal of magma dragoon and megamerge with that:
Smolder:whoa im a megaman now?
Gallus:oh no! Sher is hot
Sandbar:wow,you turn a dragon robot
Silverstream:vou lookin good and cool now
Ocellus:I thought that just Just reploids can use biometals
Yona:friend smolder now can smash bad reploids
Pandora:wha- dragons can be megamans too?
Prometheus:interesing…you are more powerfull now..but still is cute
Smolder:who you its caling cute?!
Prometheus:you can theres a biometal, but you know how to use?
Prometheus:ha….that its what i though..its better you discover that before i destroy you…well,see you late…dragon megaman
Smolder:im gonna show you who is cute!
Background Pony #22F3
megaman/mlp Crossover??
I had long called this crossover “megamare”, horse pun within.
There are MLP/Megaman fangames as well, 2 of them to be precise, both of them has Discord as final boss, one has ponified identical Megamare as playable, 6 ability bosses, another as Twilight Sparkle as playable, 8 ability bosses.
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