That Day When All of Twilight's Friends Thought She Was Hot


One day, Twilight was walking down Ponyville’s main street. Applejack saw her and thought to herself “Wow - she’s hot.” She went to see Fluttershy. “Y’know, Fluttersy, I think Twilight’s hot.”
“Um…um…me too. I have dreams about her and I wake up to find Angel on the couch with a look of disgust on his face.”
Applejack said “Let’s see if anypony else thinks Twilight is hot.”
Sure enough, all her other friends did, too. Pinkie said she was hotter than hot fudge on a cinnamon candy covered in hot sauce that was baked extra hot, Rarity just panted and fanned herself with an exquisite fan, and it took ten minutes for Rainbow Dash to bring her wings down.
“Hey!” shouted Pinkie. “Let’s all go tell Twilight we think she’s hot!”
“Good idea!” said the other four.
Pinkie pounded on Twilight’s door. Twilight answered the door and Pinkie shouted, “We all think you’re hot!”
Twilight went red with embarrassment and chastised Pinkie. “You shouldn’t just come to somepony’s door and tell them you think they’re hot! That’s not the sort of thing you should do and you should all come in so we can have a long talk about this!”
She opened the door and invited them in.
Then they all had sex.
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