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Two new NSFW stories have been uploaded to the Bronze Tier Folders on my pay-to-read accounts (Both will be made public a month later):
The Bride’s Broodmare
When Twilight witnesses “Cadence” brainwashing Shining Armor, instead of running away she attempts to confront her, attacking the “Alicorn” head-on… only to be overpowered by the false Princess and captured in the process!
With the Unicorn now at her mercy, Chrysalis decides to indulge herself by seducing and manipulating Twilight’s mind, slowly turning her into the Changeling Queen’s personal submissive broodmare…
Earning Your Stripes
Twilight and Cadence find themselves traveling to the Zebra Homeland; Farasi, in order to re-establish an alliance with them as well assist them with a unique friendship problem. However upon arriving, they discover that said problem may require a more “hooves on” approach… and they sadly can’t keep their hooves off the King…
As always, if you wish to see the completion progress on both my standard and paid stories, click right here! This sheet will be constantly updated, so be sure to check in every so often (the stories that are currently being worked on will be highlighted blue for convenience).
Also, I’d like to thank all of you for supporting my work so far, be it via Patreon, or simply giving me some positive reviews. I truly appreciate it.
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