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source description:

i was bored so i drew some mlp gijinka busts, mixed with some headcanons for them in a human context, and some… personal twists??

twilight sparkle
-18 years old, japanese, kinda short and petite. shes asexual heteroromantic and has a crush on flash sentry. she's in university. clothing-wise, she likes comfortable, but also cute clothes. lots of sweaters, cardigans and skirts. likes making her make-up look natural.

pinkie pie
-18 years old, african american, average height, a bit pudgy. she's pan and a pastry chef. she likes colorful, eye-catching clothes, especially if they have fun patterns. loves lipstick, especially if its colorful.

-19 years old, mixed race (japanese, white, black), rather tall and lanky. he's a gay trans man and with big mac. he works at an animal rescue station. he enjoys wearing fairy kei in his free time, but also enjoy sweaters a lot.

rainbow dash
-20 years old, white, average height, lanky and fit. she's straight and dating soarin. she's a professional runner and super fast. she likes wearing sporty clothes, even when shes not working out.

-19 years old, white, tall and fit. she's straight and still working at the farm, together with her siblings and grandma. she rarely wears make-up and, outside of working, enjoys comfy, light clothing. she almost always has tanlines.

-21 years old, turkish, tall and thin. she's bisexual and working as a fashion designer, but she also models her own creations. she loves fancy clothes and is never seen without make-up.


art by me
mlp by hasbro
safe (1504408) artist:kryptoniterogue (1) applejack (153844) fluttershy (191504) pinkie pie (196708) rainbow dash (211926) rarity (163871) twilight sparkle (272687) human (137605) alternate hairstyle (22593) clothes (382958) dark skin (3585) diversity (118) earring (15783) gijinka (21) hair over one eye (7545) hairband (895) humanized (90989) lipstick (8829) mane six (27836) necklace (13535) pearl necklace (827) piercing (31116) tanktop (6254) tracksuit (194) transgender (1364)


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