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safe1577321 artist:duop-qoub515 starlight glimmer43943 pony847117 unicorn266903 blue background4066 clothes409715 collar28794 cute177818 female900703 glimmerbetes3402 k-937 mare416258 pet glimmer31 police1072 police dog2 shoulder fluff1404 simple background346199 solo974287 vest3471


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Young Leosword
Oi, firstly, cops don't do jack for race issues, only racist cops can. Secondly, police pony is the name of an extra in Gift of Maud Pie. Thirdly, everypony make certain the weed has exited your system before bloody commenting. XP
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There's a handle on the back of her vest
grab the p
lift the p
carry the p around
sidearm p, most reliable weapon
to protect and serve (with p)
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@Darth Sonic
Read the story: ponies can no longer use any magic while on Earth. They can't even hold things with their hooves anymore. Now, should her relationship with Anon begin generating harmony between them, then yes, pony slavers would be in for a world of serious hurt.

Hi everyone, Mercury here; author of "Because I Choose To".

I want to thank you all so much for your support and for reading, if you have been. Do note that I'll re-visit earlier segments as and when I feel the need to make edits; these are done mostly to flesh out details and capture the emotions of the scenes better.

Also, do follow either the Slave Pony General Thread or the Starlight Glimmer Thread on 4chan's /mlp/ board if you want to read the latest updates (I'll post them in the threads as I update my pastebin).

Finally, I want to thank duop-qoub for this absolutely beautiful drawing of Policepony Glim Glam. Dat face!

Stay awesome guys!