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safe1659989 screencap216165 clypeus184 soupling161 starlight glimmer47237 changedling7953 changeling45189 pony924135 unicorn304637 celestial advice1128 >:d144 abuse7203 animated96244 bug horse18 changeabuse8 disguise4528 disguised changeling2528 evil grin4232 fake starlight glimmer31 female1322822 flyswatter72 gif29766 grin36404 loop5145 magic70964 mare459022 pure unfiltered evil1696 smiling236197 swatting40


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

2 PWNYZ in 1
This episode was before we met Pharynx. This scene is just Twilight fantasizing that a random naughty changeling would try to frame Starlight for disturbing the peace.