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Summer Wind: (yawns) “She isn’t listening to me. Can ya calm her down? Ah need to go to school in the morning”
Apple Bloom: (from another room) “And somepony needs to sleep herself out after drinking too much cider… oh my poor head…”
Fluttershy: “Snowy, dear, there are no monste…”
Big Mac and Fluttershy: (look at each other, then play rock-paper-scissors. Fluttershy loses)
Fluttershy: (stands up and takes a broom) “Here there, Snowy, I’ll drive away that nasty beast…”
Big Mac: (Takes crying Snow Blossom in arms) “Hush, little one, ya know mom knows how to deal with monsters.”
(In Snow Blossom’s room)
Fluttershy: (pokes broom under Snow Blossom’s bed. Suddenly she really hits someting alive)
Voice: “I’m trying to sleep you know!!”
Fluttershy: “Discord?! What are you doing under my daughter’s bed?!!”
Discord: “Really? Oops, I mixed up rooms this night! Usually I sleep under your bed.”
Fluttershy: (her muzzle turns pale) You… under my… our… every…
Dsicord: (leaps out from under the bed) “Phwa, you should see the look on your face, Fluttershy darling!”
Fluttershy: (stands silently for some time then… faints)
Dsicord: Actually that was a joke. (looks down at yellow pegasus) Hmm, perhaps I overdid a little bit… (notices Fluttershy’s family members in the doors) Well.. hello, everypony?
Big Mac: (frowns and begins dragging Fluttershy back to senses)
Snow Blossom: (looks at Discord) “Ya were under my bed?”
Discord: (shrugs) “That was a…”
Snow Blossom: “Weeeeeee!” (jumps on Discord’s neck) Ya’r funny!!! Can you fly? Take me for a drive, I want to fly!!!”
Summer Wind: (looks at Fluttershy in fear) “Mom, what’s up with you? Mom? (turns to Discord with bloodshot eyes) Nopony offends Fluttershy! NOPONY!!!” (jumps at Discod with an angry roar)
Discord: Yikes! (quickly teleports outside) Wild kiddies. Fluttersly doesn’t have to worry about anything with such defenders. (takes a watch from his pocket) Oh, I’m late to Canterlot. Wonder what will Princess Sunbutt throw at me, when i wake her up tis time? (flies away)
Apple Bloom’s voice from another room: “Grr, silence, please! Truly, this is a punishment for my sins… her, universe, I promise, I’ll never get drunk again! Just let me sleep calmly until morning, please!”
safe1880839 artist:sinaherib208 big macintosh30317 fluttershy229600 smarty pants1514 oc787804 oc:snow blossom17 oc:summer wind33 anthro295917 anthro oc33004 bags under eyes2299 bed46882 breasts319369 cactus683 chest hair292 cleavage38736 clock2155 clothes525949 crying47999 female1518366 fluttermac3293 male428454 messy hair1127 nightgown1620 offspring44986 painting4059 pajamas3624 parent:big macintosh3802 parent:fluttershy5771 parents:fluttermac1675 shipping220211 story included10504 straight151547 tired3544 traditional art126576 window10224


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Background Pony #0A51
The true price of parenthood: sleep loss. As a babies, it will be from the crying in the middle of the night. As toddlers, it will be the monster under the bed or in the closet. As children, it will be them refusing to go to sleep. As teenagers it will be them staying up until 4 in the morning and moving around at night.
Love the included story. I like seeing Discord mess with people in a non destructive manner especially seeing the kids turn the tables on him.