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NOPONY THOUGHT TO BREAK AWAY OR JUST SKIP THIS!? I woulda said, “All of us versus a guy who eats what we use against him? Nah, Imma go home.”.
by that logic, you would have been a deserter…I think you know the penalty for desertion
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Editor & Rail Fan
I don’t know if anybody else noticed, but Discord was dressed as a waiter in that brief moment of Tirek stopping the pegasi.

I am human, hear me err.
Another thing to take into consideration was that Tirek stopped them in mid-air. Then, when he let them go again, all they had left was potential energy due to gravity. And, it’s not too much of a stretch to imagine that their sudden lack of magic was that much of a shock to them that they couldn’t recover that quickly.
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This very part of the episode really does not make sense if you think about it. They will still be able to fly. The cutiemark has a label of talent representation, not understanding of flight.
It’s a lot like Tirek used his powers to take away the ponies’ memories of how to fly and then take their cutiemarks for extra talents ….for… military training?
If real violence was involved they would have a hard time throwing kicks and punches.
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Let's keep calm here...
Also, without the inertial damping power, any pegasus in Cloudsdale unable to spread their wings to turn the fall into a glide is now deceased.

NOPONY THOUGHT TO BREAK AWAY OR JUST SKIP THIS!? I woulda said, “All of us versus a guy who eats what we use against him? Nah, Imma go home.”.