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Just two clones chilling :P
safe1769858 artist:badumsquish2025 derpibooru exclusive29711 mean twilight sparkle743 pinkie pie221845 alicorn236128 earth pony274481 pony1029827 the mean 61694 the saddle row review1459 too many pinkie pies1871 :i1624 alternate hairstyle29425 clone2875 clothes482661 diner346 disguise5071 duo66269 eating10088 female1418572 food74134 fork931 frown23924 happy32597 hat92053 levitation12771 magic76373 messy mane8018 messy tail265 pancakes1389 pinkie clone758 plate1809 ponytail19262 show accurate17375 smiling266774 story in the comments743 sweater15075 table9626 talking6391 telekinesis29179 unamused17000


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Background Pony #1C58
I remember what followed made no sense to me at the time. Buu heals the dog. Then, they don’t check that the guy is dead or anything and just leave him there. After many antics with the guy unconscious outside their house, the guy regains consciousness and then shoots Mr. Satan
Many years later I found out that in the manga, the guy just gets up immediately after the dog is healed and shoots Mr. Satan

Anime filler can sure make these things nonsensical, huh?
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The funny thing is that the author is using this derpibooru exclusive pic. It could be just a coicidence but probably we gave it the idea with our comments.