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"Besides, I scraped off the Storm King's insignia."

It's been a while since I did digital art the last time. Any kind of art, for that matter.
safe1587805 artist:poecillia-gracilis19135 fizzlepop berrytwist8890 tempest shadow15816 twilight sparkle283996 alicorn199849 pony859742 unicorn274426 my little pony: the movie18054 absurd resolution63703 armor21874 broken horn12987 comic101499 confused4224 eye contact6123 eye scar4504 female1228223 folded wings4793 hoof shoes4336 horn47821 looking at each other17110 looking back50292 mare427581 one hoof raised914 open mouth125544 raised eyebrow6237 raised hoof39492 scar10507 simple background349699 size difference12394 speech bubble20589 talking4642 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116304 white background87426 wings81673


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Tempest: "Do you know how much Trouble the Storm King has gone through to properly Dress his army? This is tailormade for me and will literally last TWICE my lifespan before wear and tear even arise."