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Artist's description from DA:

It's my take on the moth/lamp meme that's been popular a short while ago. Mothpony names are Lümpy, Bröder and Möthie. Applejack hates when they steal her lamps. I came up with the mothpony design basing on changelings and real-life moths
Sadly, Deviant Art doesn't allow ä or ö in titles so it must be what it is.
Thanks to Middy for suggestions
safe1654531 artist:pony-berserker791 applejack165647 oc652824 oc:bröder1 oc:lümpy1 oc:möthie1 changeling44952 earth pony229812 insect1587 moth556 mothling172 mothpony950 original species23515 pony918975 angry26049 applejack's hat6516 balancing973 barn3013 behaving like a moth49 broom1673 bugs doing bug things84 butt50091 cowboy hat14760 disgusted1140 eyes closed87877 eyes on the prize5274 featured image843 female1318072 floppy ears49628 fluffy13702 flying36646 frown22223 hat82937 hoof hold7947 i can't believe it's not idw395 lamp2531 looking at something2489 lämp17 mare456508 meme80641 moth meme18 open mouth136387 raised leg7341 screaming3208 scrunchy face6968 speech bubble22051 spread wings51734 tongue out98713 umlaut11 underhoof49716 wide eyes16628 wings96444 yelling2978


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Background Pony #6229
HA HA HA! NA HA HA HA HA HA!!! So funny! "Shoo, Y'darn mothponies!" Funny!
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