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Because it’s highly likely that The Big Mac Question means Sugarmac wedding, this is who I guess are gonna be the positions (with Big Mac and Sugar Belle’s positions given facts).

Mayor Mare always officiates the weddings, but Twilight is a possibility.

For the Bridesmaids, I chose Night Glider cause she’s basically Sugar Belle’s closest female friend, Applejack cause it’s her brother she’s marrying, and Starlight but I’m sure she wouldn’t be comfortable given by their past. I dunno who should be the Mare of Honor though – so I’ll let you guys and gals pick! ;)

Spike of course should be the Best Man because he and Big Mac are implied to be the best of friends judging by how much time they spend together on Guy’s Night – plus we don’t see enough of their friendship in the series! There’s a possibility of Discord being jealous though!

I thought the Tree that the Apple parents made would be the perfect spot for them to get married, because I’m sure Big Mac would want his parents to be there for the wedding! Oh the feels, Applegeek would lose it! XD
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Lady of Ships and Birbs
Good guesses. You got some things correct but not everything. But still, it’s close enough.
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Background Pony #86D5
@Background Pony #3C68
If i was going to make some grand celebration for the finale, it would be a wedding of one of the Mane6. And Discord with Fluttershy would be the main pair. Theres even hints for that in this very season, but it might also be just a tease like Derpy/Rose or LyraBon
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Background Pony #3C68
Starlight catches the bouquet. She has a lot of ships going. Trixie, Twilight, Sunburst.
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Background Pony #86D5
This is like saying the Premiere was a Celestia episode becauseh she appeared, or Starswirls episode. Discord didn’t get a single episode where he was more than minor secondary character. And based on Chinese relaeases and synopsies, that doesn’t change until the end of the show
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Background Pony #5A0B
What if the Big Mac question is instead him being asked to be the Best Stallion to the wedding of Maud and Mudbriar?
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I highly agree with everything here except Fluttershy and Discord. I figure Maud and Mudbriar would catch the bouquet. But I love the idea of the wedding being held by the Apple/Pear hybrid tree. That would be absolutely beautiful.
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Background Pony #C8A3
@Background Pony #3C68":/images/2124270#comment_8390086
He could be in it without talking! Only John de Lancie could show up for a limited time, but Discord having a non-vocal cameo shouldn’t hurt the budget at all!
Background Pony #3C68
Discord won’t be in it. He’s already at the limit of his appearances per season. The actor doesn’t come cheap, plus he doesn’t actually like the show himself.
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Background Pony #5A0B
@Background Pony #C8A3

I’ve seen some speculate that the wedding will be saved for either the two parter (so they can do the classic villains crash the wedding thing) or at the very end of the last episode with this episode only being the proposal.
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