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safe (1412440)artist:neongothic (58)adagio dazzle (10932)aria blaze (8494)sonata dusk (11763)equestria girls (157290)adagio wobble (37)aria blob (8)bbw (3351)belly (20153)big belly (5893)chubby cheeks (2476)clothes (350309)cute (145135)double chin (1061)fat (17434)female (745809)food (49914)hoodie (10111)large ass (9575)morbidly obese (5892)obese (8879)smiling (180096)sonataco (652)sonatubby (50)ssbbw (1160)taco (1190)the dazzlings (3725)thighs (4312)thunder thighs (4833)weight gain (3075)wide hips (11537)


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Background Pony #161C
We need more of this Aria and Adagio… Primarily that Aria. That is the perfect Aria.
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Background Pony #1753
"I am NOT sleeping with Sonata after we have ’Barely Legal Bean Burritos’ again."
"Aww, but Aria, you said you liked the smell last time!"
"Now now you two, play nice. What’s important here is that I pick up the pace so I’ll be the largest. After all, I’m the leader."
"Sorry Dagi, I dunno why I gain weight so much easier than you!"
"Probably because you inhale everything in sight…"
"By the way, Aria. You’re too skinny. Seriously, it’s embarrassing to be around you."
"I am NOT becoming a fat hog like you two."
"It’s not up for debate. Sonata, give me that bag of tacos."
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Comments27 comments posted