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Artist's description:

"Fleur Di Lis coming home and seeing her husband practicing a bit of fencing and realizes just how handsome her stallion really is.

Thought I'd have some fun and draw these two again. hope you like it."
safe1573493 artist:greenbrothersart148 fancypants1770 fleur-de-lis3333 pony844273 unicorn265474 airship881 bipedal30545 butt27201 canterlot4990 fancyfleur181 female897564 glowing horn16610 horn42991 hug25433 looking at each other16310 magic65759 male304923 plot71116 rapier207 saddle1996 shipping183743 smiling214540 straight121523 sword10593 tack3736 telekinesis24659 weapon27171


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