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Not mine, uploading for an anon
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Background Pony #F7C2
@Bexar Bandito
Ultimately I thought using two of the well-known artists that actually DNP'd made more sense in that scene especially since they would actually be in contact with Derpy. Would've been funny to have you and the duck king (and a few others from all sides) in the video, but it already took way too long as is and maybe it's better not to give some people undue attention :^)
Bexar Bandito
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I Sell Propane
fun fact: according to the anon who made this, texasuberalles and i almost made the cut as the two kids being tucked into bed by derpy whooves, but the creator opted for shino and braeburned instead so they could represent both sides of the issue.
Brass Melody
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General Gas Lover
@Background Pony #F22E
Because many a great artist on this website are no longer posting here. Because Derpi is losing crowdfunding on a platform that has picked its customers too much to the point that now only a few thousand people filing lawsuits will be enough to sink it entirely. Because there is no trust left in the staff to fairly judge content and to remain apolitical in the face of unrest. We are all of us standing on a slowly sinking ship and like the musicians aboard it, I will remain and stay until the bitter end.

I've spent 8 years on this website and despite my best efforts to get away from it, I realize that there are still many like me who are willing to stay just to spite those that caused this ship to sink in the first place. So until I get tossed overboard or it finally fully submerges, I will stay because it's not a matter of if anymore, it's when.
Background Pony #38AB
pokes his head out from the avalanche of pony porn
WhuhBuH!? Whut's happening? Did something happen??
. . . .
shrugs shoulders and dives back into the avalanche of pony porn
Background Pony #F22E
I don't understand why they still continue with these posts like pretending "Derpi is dead" but i'm still using this site and don't see much difference 🤷‍♂️