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safe1600257 idw14539 applejack161274 cactus rose19 crystal (character)19 dust devil (comic)15 fizzlepop berrytwist8971 rockhoof1031 tempest shadow16013 zecora8874 abada24 earth pony210745 kelpie618 pegasus252069 pony869095 unicorn278915 zebra16008 my little pony: the movie18153 spoiler:comic10239 spoiler:comic916 spoiler:comicseason1018 :i1434 bipedal31236 broken horn13089 comic102333 comic cover657 cover2783 cropped46323 exploitable meme32968 eyes closed82746 hoof hold7528 horn49626 lifting512 looking at you149730 meme79260 music notes2978 musical163 my little pony logo3456 my little pony: the musical2 season 10121 sign3703 singing5905 spotlight1236 stage2806 tempest shadow is not amused233 tempest shadow's sign12 unamused14353 warning179 warning sign49


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Background Pony #EDFD
Probably. I can see 'singing' replaced with every insult and trigger word people disagree with. But most of those are too lazy and stupid to do the work.