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edit: I re-redesigned Rarity and removed from her unnecessary clothes.

so eh yeah I actually did a pretty big piece and I didn't think I would finish it at all :")
but here it is!! my Mane 6 redesign!
I'm not a good character designer so I at least tried :">
also no redesigned cutiemarks cus I'm lazy— maybe later I'll add them

AJ must be a BIG girl. my redesign of her isn't the most original but I seriously love it when other artists draw her with white and brown spots like it actually looks good on her—

Rar is just a fancy rich lady and I'm a sucker for rich ladies,,, also I probably should have drawn her without clothes to show her whole body but meh I can live without that tbh (also I can't think)

Pinkie Pie
and now Pinkie must be a smol girl uwu also I gave her wings cus she's good enough to have them

Rainbow Dash
RD is the edgy one// she's also pretty athletic and probably likes to listen to some rock music

I changed her race and now she's a deer! pegasus doesn't suit her, I also don't want her to be a unicorn nor an earthpony so for me she's a beautiful deer c:

Twilight Sparkle
man, I actually had A LOT of troubles while trying to redesign her. I couldn't get the right color palette ;( who new purple color is a tricky color to match with other colors

(also they're all lesbians and that's a fact)
((and I actually wanted to draw Spike but jeez I can't draw chibi dragons))
safe1600201 artist:soundwavepie74 artist:xpurplepiex2 applejack161273 fluttershy201359 pinkie pie205937 rainbow dash222443 rarity172436 twilight sparkle286080 alicorn202644 classical unicorn3775 deer4728 earth pony210727 pegasus252059 pony869058 unicorn278906 bandana4892 clothes419565 cloven hooves9013 colored hooves4844 cowboy hat13814 curved horn6027 deerified237 doe279 ear piercing22563 earring18562 female1272819 flower23111 flower in hair6844 flutterdeer25 glasses55851 hat78324 horn49620 jewelry53995 leonine tail7298 looking at you149722 mane six30125 mare432650 one eye closed26571 pegasus pinkie pie316 piercing36111 race swap13099 redesign1893 scar10617 simple background354382 smiling221060 smol519 socks (coat marking)1783 species swap17789 sweater13319 tail wrap5999 unicorn twilight14011 unshorn fetlocks22068 white background88686 wink22360


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