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suggestive132948 artist:yam105 adagio dazzle12244 aria blaze9313 sonata dusk12914 equestria girls188036 anklet844 barefoot25723 belly button71406 bikini16799 breasts255026 choker10348 clam91 clam shell15 clothes427153 feet36737 gem5611 nail polish7186 siren gem1657 swimsuit26279 the dazzlings4130 toenail polish549 water12011


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Enjoy me. Won’t you?
Completely agree. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of Dazzlings fan art. Like this one. I love the concept and the girls look amazing.

Enjoy me. Won’t you?
It’s been six years since Rainbow Rocks came out and the Dazzlings are still as popular today as they were when the movie was released.