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safe1709354 alternate version45682 artist:jumperkit153 oc686405 oc only449752 oc:serenity pond29 earth pony249794 anthro260753 unguligrade anthro48532 adorasexy9803 anthro oc29911 chair6834 clothes460638 coffee3881 coffee mug1286 cute200246 earth pony oc8435 featured image880 female1365779 forest10197 frog (hoof)13013 high res29822 hooves17879 leg focus247 legs8409 mug4255 ocbetes5278 robe3665 room1184 scenery8054 sitting63416 smiling249322 snow13799 solo1066187 sunrise1130 underhoof52201 window8538 winter4461


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Such a brooding girlpony. Very beautifully drawn! This picture reminded me of the time when I was in university. In the winter I had a session, I worked on a lecture on philosophy. I was inspired by and a cozy home environment, as in the picture: a fireplace, a large window to the courtyard, where it snows without stopping. The frost on the street painted beautiful patterns, the firewood crackled so pleasantly in the fireplace, and the tea in the cup was the most delicious. It was a good time …