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Looks like Sunset's unashamed of farting now. She even seems to find it fun to fart. And naturally Rainbow Dash is amused. Perhaps she'll challenge her to a farting contest… which Rainbow will probably win but Sunset can sure fart loud and long.

I've got more where this came from but I'll probably hold off until later for them to avoid flooding the new images section with fart edits.
suggestive135105 artist:thedarkpony187 edit125580 edited screencap60723 screencap213588 fluttershy205511 rainbow dash226426 sci-twi22953 sunset shimmer60008 twilight sparkle291567 equestria girls190912 equestria girls series30918 sunset's backstage pass!2277 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)13050 eyes closed86090 fart2042 fart edit99 fart noise649 female1303889 onomatopoeia3761 open mouth133193 sound effects1869


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Background Pony #1383
@The Dark Pony
That makes sense. I wonder if that also means her gas is smellier than normal hehe.

I'm glad you are doing these edits again man. I know they aren't too popular but I appreciate them, they're simple and fun!
Background Pony #1383
Sunset has been farting quite a bit lately, I wonder what she's been eating haha.