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How much pocky would a pega-pone pock if a pega-pone could pock pocky?
safe1640330 artist:taytinabelle100 derpibooru exclusive26596 applejack164630 fluttershy205773 earth pony224433 pegasus266369 pony905881 applejack is not amused644 blushing186621 bust45655 cowboy hat14407 cute189794 duo54774 ear fluff26330 female1305964 food66031 frown22107 gentlemen155 grumpy2440 hat81850 high res24139 mare450212 mouth hold16356 pocky429 shyabetes12776 simple background371169 unamused15063 white background92034


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Background Pony #7715
A pega-pone would pock all the pocky a pega-pone could pock if a pega-pone could pock pocky.
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The MLP Lover-Fan
Fluttershy can get sick from trying to eat all of those at once. The easiest way is just take one at a time and share some with Applejack.