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So from here on out, I'm also including stats on my characters [my friends suggested it as a joke…but I loved it]. I may even go back and do this with past bios. Also, don't worry, my next post is about their parents/the family's history.

Shenandoah Apple
Shenan, Shenana, Lil R3D
Family: Big Mac [father], Rolling Thunder [mother], Short Fuse [bio-father], Zestar Blitz [sister]
Voice: Sounds like Childish Gambino

Stats [1-10]:
Dexterity: 8
Strength: 7
Speed: 6
Intelligence: 5
Magic: 3
Wisdom: 6
Charisma: 9

Though his birth name is Solar Flare, Shenan had it legally changed to Shenandoah Apple as he only views himself as an Apple. In reality, Shenan's late mother Rolling Thunder was in a relationship with her coworker Short Fuse before it went sour. She wanted to keep Shenan but Short Fuse refused to help. As such, Thunder felt she was destined to raise him alone…..until she met Big Mac.
Shenan has never known Mac as anything but his dad and no one questions if Shenan is or isn't his kiddo as the two look and act similarly.
Shenan loves to rap, sing, and play instruments. He has a bit of a following online but most don't know he's a rapper as part of his brand like Dead Mouse and Daft Punk, he doesn't show his face. In fact, online he goes by the name Lil R3D. A joke because most rappers use "Lil" in their names. But also because he is "little red" as his father Big Mac is known as "big red" by some. Shenan is a shy extrovert and wants to keep his personal life out of his career life.
Personality wise, Shenan is easy to get along with and most creatures in Ponyville find him attractive. He likes the attention but he only has a small group of friends consisting of Hopscotch, Pupusa, and Luz Vivace [Coming soon].

There's an ongoing topic stating that Shenan dislikes or avoids Rarity and Discord's son Misanthropy. However, it mostly seems like the Universe is keeping them apart. Despite Mister having an aggressive crush on Shenan, the two have never spoken more than a few words to each other. Shenan is almost completely oblivious to Mister's presence. In a sense, Mister is invisible to Shenan and it's unintentional…he just doesn't think about him much and if he does, he only knows him as Pristine [his cousin's] purple friend. Most of the time, Mister just misses a chance to talk to Shenan, or some stupid hijinks happen that prevent Shenan from noticing the other stallion.

Overall, Shenan is a good dude who loves his family and anything related to music.

Zestar Blitz
Blitz [without an "O"], Boiled Egg, Champ
Family: Big Mac [father], Rolling Thunder [mother], Shenandoah [brother]
Voice: Extremely raspy and androgynous

Stats [1-10]:
Dexterity: 10
Strength: 8
Speed: 10
Intelligence: 8
Magic: 9
Wisdom: 7
Charisma: -1

The best word to describe Blitz is "focussed".
Blitz is a hyper-competitive and driven athlete and she has sacrificed everything to get where she is now. It is unclear what drives her to be this way and it certainly isn't for bragging rights as she's a racer and a stunt flyer and the crowds love her. .
She shaved her head as a young kid as she found her long fiery hair was getting in her way and adding weight to her. In fact, she's beyond thin and toned. Her diet is only meant to maintain her athletic physique. She eats to survive and nothing else. Everything she does is to help her perform better when flying. Anything that holds her back is scrapped and left behind. This applies to friends and family too.
Unlike her family-oriented brother, Blitz doesn't interact with her family much. For the last 5 years, she sees them maybe once a year for a few days. She does write to her dad and brother every few months and they try to go see her perform. She even sends them money for the farm as her paycheque currently is a bit excessive in her opinion. She's a mare of little to no luxury and she has no interest in having a lot of wealth.

Blitz is the youngest pony to ever be accepted into the Wonderbolts. She's Spitfire and Dash's favorite too. Unlike the other recruits, Blitz is low drama and has almost killed herself from overworking and training on multiple occasions.

Personality wise, Blitz is entirely too neutral. She never takes sides on anything really. The only thing some people have noticed is she almost blatantly hates the Washouts [her mother's old team]. Her disdain for them is so intense that it almost seems out of character. But it isn't. She's a focussed mare and she seems very interested in the Washouts.
Her only real friend is Prince Quasar Flare, son of Adagio Dazzle and Skystar. He's an old schoolmate of hers who ended up in the Wonderbolts as well. He's the only creature she's shared more intimate secrets with as she really truly respects him. It takes a lot to gain Blitz's respect, and Quasar won her over by also being just as aggressive and as driven as she is.
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