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safe1788225 artist:mrscroup422 izzy moonbow5810 pony1104748 unicorn358213 g514354 aura925 blushing210432 bust55057 cute210415 drink5174 drinking3740 drinking straw841 eye shimmer1252 eyebrows8450 eyebrows visible through hair4319 featured image933 female1436405 floating heart3338 glowing5993 glowing horn21377 heart51450 horn84301 izzybetes913 juice1400 juice box962 levitation12924 magic77378 mare520141 portrait32752 solo1123751 sparkles5033 straw2090 straw in mouth1109 telekinesis29627 wingdings51


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Ten years of changes - Celebrated the 10th anniversary of MLP:FiM!
Artist -

The MLP Lover-Fan
Usually, her horn is a different color, since the G5 series sees unicorns having a different colored horn, but this image is the first where her horn matches her actual body color.
Man of tomorrow

I saw this on YouTube.
I’ll reiterate here what I commented there.
This drawing makes me feel like when I was a boy and had my first crush.
I always thought getting lost in someone’s eyes was a myth,I have never met a girl who’s eyes did that to me.
Yet here I am experiencing it from a drawing.
Bravo good artist,bravo,thank you for giving me some genuine joy in my life.