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Page 13 of the sumoverse story, enjoy!
suggestive143284 artist:artistic20xl19 artist:josejr2217 artist:princebluemoon3770 ocellus5314 smolder7967 bird8288 demon2954 dragon56467 imp145 owl1147 wolf1891 blitzo19 blushing198131 censored dialogue55 chunkling310 crossover62345 dragoness8527 embarrassed11411 fat22160 female1365781 helluva boss102 kissing24701 loona (helluva boss)61 love5020 lowres1132 millie (helluva boss)12 morbidly obese7880 moxxie9 obese11587 ocellulite25 octavia (helluva boss)9 sblobder80 stolas3 sumo94 swearing743 vulgar20754 weight gain4274


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Ok heres the dialogue since its hardly apologies

Panel 1: Blitzo: Grrrr…these f*ing freaks! Turning my little loonie into a gargantuan lard a

Stolas: oh blitzyyyy….

Blitzo: what do you want?

Stolas: well…we're here. Its spring, and its a festive event. Why don't we-

Blitzo: F*** off ain't gonna happen unless you want a kiss can to be on us-

Moxxie:yeah…about that.

Panel 2: Stolaz: EEEEE!

Blitzo: Son of a-

Loona and Octavia: DAD!!

loona: damn it Blitzo

Panel 3:smolder: that must be your dad right?

Octavia: yeah…

Panel 4: smolder: well, I gotta say, he's quite a goofball like ocellus at times.

Ocellus: oh smolder!