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So I you may or may not have noticed, but announcements of G5 have been going for awhile and the film is now set to release in days, and yet I am just now getting around to drawing a character from the new crew. I'm really excited for the upcoming film and series, and I was really happy to hear that they were going to expand on G4 rather than just reboot again. As time has passed I have been increasingly curious about how this current generation will tie in with the previous one. And it has spawned several ideas and even theories. What happened to everything since the end of FIM? Where are certain characters now if they are even alive? Why did the pony races separate once again after some time? So many questions that I hope get answered. I remember seeing an image on Instagram of Sunny visiting an abandoned Canterlot and how haunting it looked. Everything was derelict and crumbling, and yet the statue of the Mane 6 still remained in the town centre. It got me thinking of my own ideas and how certain characters could reappear in the upcoming TV series.
safe1750322 artist:heavysplatter94 discord31821 sunny starscout2719 draconequus12816 earth pony265858 pony1010388 g56774 coat markings5428 duo64714 encounter10 female1401717 floppy ears54494 frown23561 gritted teeth13211 looking at each other21446 male387962 mare502110 raised hoof48426 ruins1257 scared10761 socks (coat markings)3206 stare1391 text62177 twilight's castle4087 unshorn fetlocks27159


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