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safe1769871 artist:underpable873 queen chrysalis35758 oc722003 oc:captain black lotus42 changeling50593 changeling queen18168 armor24690 behaving like a dog1415 blushing207371 changeling oc8141 commission74831 crossed legs3395 eyes closed99982 female1418590 flapping wings142 head pat327 jealous1264 open mouth158205 open smile3215 pat353 pet1975 petting1980 scrunchy face7290 smiling266783 tail33613 tail wag1133 wings126850


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Sleepy French Butler.
The role of a personnal guard of the queen comes with longer days of work and more chances to get into fight with invaders… however, you do get headpats from the queen herself. Which makes it one of the most desired line of work here in the hive.