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Video art for PrinceWhateverer(erererer)’s new song, Friends In High Places!
There were a lot of new experiments for me with this one. Having not made art for videos before, I had to change a lot of how I use and arrange layers, (such as, using more than 2-3 layers at all lolololol) and I opted for a bit more of a stylistic approach to linework and shading, trying to strike a balance between a bit of detail and a more flat, graffiti-like aesthetic. Not entirely sure it worked but I had a blast trying it and Whateverer is a good sport! Unfortunately some of the layers in the full version didn’t translate well to his video editing software, so the version in the video is missing a bit of depth, but the dude added some super sexy parallax so it’s all good.
Go check out the song, it’s some dope shit and I had a great time listening to it on loop while throwing this together.
safe1769858 artist:testostepone488 applejack174796 fluttershy219043 lightning dust4639 pinkie pie221845 rainbow dash240338 rarity187252 twilight sparkle308436 alicorn236128 earth pony274481 pegasus316655 pony1029828 unicorn350552 angry28441 butt81623 cliff1168 cloud32544 dock52825 female1418572 hill922 mare511029 sky15259 tail33612 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127154


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