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safe1769889 artist:pony quarantine776 hitch trailblazer2300 izzy moonbow5062 pipp petals3425 sunny starscout4600 zipp storm2437 earth pony274490 pegasus316666 pony1029856 unicorn350564 g512172 my little pony: a new generation6538 spoiler:my little pony: a new generation4295 black and white13657 female1418604 fit right in (g5)107 grayscale39701 height supremacy26 implied pooping371 male394085 mane five (g5)792 mare511041 marelet15 monochrome153514 outhouse221 pipp is short81 poop joke30 smol725 stallion118631 toilet humor175


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Edible but not food
The song has been stuck in my head for days as I drive the tractor I just keep adding words to it… this and many many other far worse have been sung in my head ad nauseam…