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safe1898288 artist:twiliset76 twilight sparkle324481 alicorn260528 pony1245877 book37635 book title humor25 butt148802 crown22780 cute225371 dialogue75791 featured image1009 female1535432 great and powerful216 head turned227 heart eyes21238 high res78535 hug32190 implied trixie349 looking at you203314 looking back69277 looking back at you20694 mare577397 pink background4234 plot103809 simple background471987 smiling308813 solo1209791 tail54659 that pony sure does love books1238 tiny1536 tiny ponies1653 twiabetes13326 twibutt6817 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134621 wingding eyes28154 wings158157


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Heh, there was an older comedy fan fiction about this. Trixie turns herself into a book to seduce Twilight,who goes on to marry this giant book. After a year the spell wears off and she turns back but they stay together.
Non-Fungible Trixie -

@Background Pony #45A3
To get back to my original question:
At this point I’m more inclined to believe you’re a troll but still weird.
On hand you’re not making any sense, on the other you’re not trying to offend anyone.
So let’s do a 3rd attempt:
What has “fuck the police” to do with a cute Twily on a book?
Background Pony #45A3
“Disregard the constabulary” is basically a classier way of saying “f*** the police”.
Also, there is a Twibook tag, though it’s largely explicit or questionable.