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People imitate celebrity hairstyles in real life, why not Equestria?

safe2041017 artist:cheezedoodle961069 derpy hooves55079 lemon hearts2485 lyra heartstrings32767 minuette6572 moondancer5714 sunset shimmer74735 trixie76353 twilight sparkle340513 twinkleshine2585 alicorn287044 pegasus434645 pony1394028 unicorn475954 .svg available9923 :d1706 :i1848 :p12981 adorableshine65 alternate hairstyle34736 bangs496 bedroom eyes75345 c:1321 canterlot six71 counterparts918 cute245391 dancerbetes443 duckface1201 ember's worst nightmare5 eyes closed126436 fake horn1110 female1661586 frown30818 glare8798 glasses80787 glowstick849 grin55911 gritted teeth17468 happy40436 hilarious in hindsight3668 hime cut43 hooves on cheeks380 instagram774 lemonbetes73 lidded eyes41684 looking at you229783 lyrabetes1646 magical quartet147 magical trio491 mare652456 minubetes322 pose7893 raised eyebrow8384 simple background534234 smiling350385 smirk16614 squee2077 svg4590 the brady bunch13 the twily bunch1 toilet paper roll219 toilet paper roll horn98 tongue out134370 twilight sparkle (alicorn)141852 twilight's counterparts915 unicorn master race158 vector85742 wall of tags5856 weapons-grade cute4394


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