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Size: 1437x654 | Tagged: arrow, aztec, background pony, bow and arrow, bow (weapon), daring don't, dexterous hooves, earth pony, face paint, fortress of talacon, magnetic hooves, male, mouth hold, pony, safe, screencap, short tail, stairs, stallion, temple chant, unnamed pony, weapon
A waste of biomatter
@Background Pony #EFF9
I interpreted the internet slang around the word "based" to mean a solid,Reliable concept that is able enough to do what It needs to do. I Presumed "hardworking and capable" people was too long. Mexico as you said has it problems,big one even but they haven’t let that compromise their way of life and if only the U.S. could try to support those instead of threatening to build a useless wall,a more stable and productive relationship could form that would benefit both countries in the long run and more secure both from negative elements plaguing both like drug violence, and regressive leftism.

Just a thought
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