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What’s this show gonna reference next, The Iron Giant? …I mean, that’s extremely unlikely, since the show’s at it’s end, but still.
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i just wanna say i loved your idea of ponifying orcs,as orcs are my fave race when it comes to RPG,when i was made into a brony i missed a bulky and badass race till the day folks at Hasbro decided to introduce yaks into MLP,i feel like they
(yaks) are hasbro’s response to orc fans in the brony fandom

as for your version,which i absolutely LOVED,i hope to see ponified Varok or maybe Thrall leading them (possibly a genderbent Garrosh as guard captain?)

(huge Warcraft/LOTR/medieval Warhammer orc/Warcraft’s Ogres fan here(not a big fan of 40K futuristic orks tho)

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