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Report site bugs here
Posted by The Frowning Pony
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derpibooru's badges
Posted by Background Pony #96C0
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Feature suggestions and discussion [READ THE FIRST POST]
Posted by The Frowning Pony
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Site Development Notification and Feedback Thread
Posted by Princess Luna
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Userscripts / Customization
Posted by ArmadilloEater
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Site Changelog / Developers Notes
Posted by Joey
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Movie screencaps (not animations) allowed
Posted by Princess Luna
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Clarification on Derpibooru's policies regarding traced images
Posted by Joey
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Badge Descriptions, Criteria, and Stuff
Posted by The Frowning Pony
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Site and Policy Rules
Posted by Carcer
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State of the Booru
Posted by Blossomforth
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This site is now free of all the filth
Posted by Starlight Glimmer
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Report DeviantArt high-resolution images here for updating
Posted by St@SyaN
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Deprecating minimum and maximum score
Posted by byte[]
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What Happened to featured image?
Posted by Metapika025
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Filter by score?
Posted by Pegacorn
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Ban racist jokes, memes and Aryanne
Posted by daveedila
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Can't view my own DNP listings?
Posted by Binkyt11
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Lost autofill searches in search box for Firefox Android
Posted by p0nyguy
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Complete account wipe
Posted by Background Pony #2DA7
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Derpibooru Article 13
Posted by Dr Fluttershy
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Request: Sorted search
Posted by n0pe_n0pe
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Twitter Images
Posted by NiGHTS4life
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obsolete version of an image set
Posted by CuteFlame
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This years April Fools
Posted by Cats_55
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