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That Saudi Show is completly hindering & a Waste of Time! Survivor Series looks like a complete Afterthought here, am I the only One who thinks that?
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Filli-Second: "It’s not nice to take ponies milk money!"

turns him over and over the edge

Diamond Dog: "Hey! Take it easy, fella! Don’t get crazy! shakes him Hey! Whoa! Ooh! Aah! Ooh! money falls out I ain’t feelin’ so good. Hey! Hey! Hey! Where we going?! You can’t do this! I’ve got rights! Hey! Hey!"
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The idea was Charlotte vs Rousey, but Becky has slightly damaged Charlotte’s standing and that’s a little more in flux now. Rollins/Ambrose is always possible and is a reasonable draw, but WrestleMania tends towards a special guest star as the big attraction. It’s hard to ignore the Rock rumors for instance.

Whatever happens… the show will be too damn long, the first half will be much better than the second half, and the audience will literally be dead in their seats by the end. So sucks to be the main event to be honest.

Eeyup Charlotte "Reigns" has lost a lot of Standing since Becky caught a Light in a Bottle there’s no Question about that! My Womens Match for WM 34 would be Lynch vs Asuka in my Mind.

Rollins vs Ambrose in a Three Stages of Hell Match could work magically as the Main Event of WM 35, what do you think?

Oh Dwayne at Mania is not necessary at all, don’t they have Drax the Destroyer against The Golden Shovel Man as the Big Attraction Match for next Year already? Don’t need more than One Attraction Match in all Honesty. We shouldn’t forget about a possible HBK Match at WM 35 either, will he retire Taker there?

I agree 100% with you on that, these Shows are too goddamn Long….

NXT Takeover Events have the perfect & smooth Length in my honest Opinion. :o
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Mom: "I hope you two don’t act this way while you’re at Grandmum’s."

Sweetie: "Yay, Grandmum’s cottage!"

Scootaloo: "Yay, Grandmum’s cottage. You know, Rumble’s at Space Camp right now."

"Scootaloo, you’ll get to go to Space Camp after Grandmum’s cottage. You’re just going to need to be patient."
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Friendship, Art, and Magic (6 Years) - Celebrated Derpibooru's six year anniversary with friends.

I laugh at your misery!
I know voice acting can be fun, but sometimes it does have its flaws. For example, having a certain VA not fitting for a certain character.
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Hmm, is it somehow possible that someone like Tommaso Ciampa can be a Main Eventer on the Main Roster? His Work has been absolutely Phenomenal to say the least, he would bring Entertaining Television for damn sure! :D

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I’m waiting for wrestling to instantly become awesome again, now that the Roman agenda has finally ended.

…any second now.

It’s possible because Vince/Corporate have to use & Push other Wrestlers for the foreseeable Future now. They can’t rely on their Golden Boy anylonger, so I guess you can say Other Talents have a Chance to Breath & get a Shot at the Main Event Scene, we shall see. :o
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