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’orthos’ should imply ’two heads’ and a few other similar changes

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I Was Never Here
I tried to make this thread before but never got a response from the site staff, so I’ll make it with the single quote marks that I forgot the first time around just to see if that works before I give up and admit that nobody cares. If that’s the reason that the thread got ignored completley by the staff then that’s really frustrating, but whatever I guess

The first thread can be found here @I Was Never Here

Anyway, here are the changes I’m proposing

So not only
orthostwo heads
But also
chimera sistersthree heads
cerberusthree heads
cerberus (character]three heads
cerberus (character]cerberus
hydramultiple heads
three headsmultiple heads

Also, and I forget the syntax for an alias suggestion so I’m just gonna say this for now and then edit it later, but the two-heads tag should be merged into the two heads tag

The reason I had to use square brackets to close the (character) bit is because when I closed them with parenthesis it just didn’t appear at all like cerberus even though the quoted portion says "cerberus (character)", no idea what’s up with that.

Plz respond
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@I Was Never Here

Whether these implications are really necessary.

Somebody else should opine here.

Oh, and as to that thing about the parenthesis, you can put them in, but you need to put two equal signs aroudn them for them to show up, like this:

"cerberus ==(character)==":

cerberus (character)
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Sorry for delay. Missed this thread.
Did the implications.
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