Rating Tags

Rating tags are used around the site as 'official' markers for certain content types.

This tag.... is for
explicitExplicit sexual content – visible genitals, detailed genital/anus representations, sex, cum, etc. (275399 images)
grimdarkNightmarish things like dying painfully and traumatic abuse. (30533 images)
grotesqueFor the really gross/disturbing stuff like body horror, gore, filth and waste, etc. (10554 images)
questionableSexual, but not explicit; nipples, squicky fetish acts, sexual acts that aren't actually sex, etc. (97731 images)
safeEntirely safe for work and children. (1395451 images)
semi-grimdarkMinor horror, dark comedy, imminent murder/suicide, etc. (23779 images)
suggestiveMinorly/implicitly sexual; innuendos, sexual references, groping, clothing showing a lot of bulge/boob/ass, etc. (109851 images)