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redrew an old Twi doodle of mine for Valentine’s Day

‪let’s all ignore the fact that it should be spelled "Cu" and "Te" okay? Cos I noticed my fuck up a lil too late X//D ‬
safe (1395468)artist:hiccupsdoesart (538)twilight sparkle (253852)adorkable (2335)alicorn (156504)blushing (149572)chemistry joke (36)chest fluff (24602)clothes (344546)colored pupils (7359)copper and tellurium (6)cute (142188)daaaaaaaaaaaw (2472)dork (2519)ear fluff (16875)female (726697)heart (36853)holiday (10524)leg fluff (1621)looking at you (116264)mare (318571)mouth hold (12879)nom (2587)pony (664527)purple smart (85)raised hoof (30671)shirt (16412)simple background (282244)sitting (44505)smiling (176532)solo (857276)starry eyes (2298)sweater (11267)twiabetes (7701)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (98569)valentine's day (2561)white background (69614)wingding eyes (15300)wing fluff (1179)

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