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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Artist -
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Sweet F.A.
Oh boy, I got another group assignment. I wonder if the others will actually pitch in this time.

is literally the only person who remembered about the group meeting that was supposed to happen today

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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Artist -
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Sweet F.A.
Agreed. It's the Van Halen M&M's incident of legal cases where the media latched on to blame the person stirring up the fuss about something when it was actually the fault of the company that didn't care about their wellbeing.
Background Pony #865F
Watching the debates right now.

Trump is so unprofessional, always interrupting Biden.

Biden should have told him, "Shut up, you toddler, The big kids are talking".
Background Pony #1F81
Pretty much.

Going to the bathroom for the whole debate would have been a much better experience.
Full of less shit too
Background Pony #11A9
Man, this almost makes me feel bad for Trump. Almost.

A scowling Trump sees Biden and his wife hugging and smiling, forcefully tugs at Melania's arm to get her to, for once, show some affection for him
Background Pony #E1A4
Hello everyone. Been a bit busy than usual at my work place and dealt with the real life issues i mentioned before as that situation seems to be dying down. So that's good at the moment and i'll try to comment more here this week if i can.

So i got some stuff about the sites i usually talk about.

First i mentioned about this early August this year and this is a part two to that post. That the artist Merunyaa posted back on twitter since August 10th and came back on the site around September 20/21 and is drawing again.

And some stuff about Gelbooru, since it's been getting pretty heated over their. Gelbooru has been getting kinda vicious towards it's users as i mentioned it turning as people joke, a gacha game version of a porn site as some Gelbooru and users call it.

Along with the debate of loli and shota works over their if they should be allowed or not like with what with it and the mods getting pretty heated on that thread and turning quite political as well. Since people have been saying and several users have been saying the staff are quite dickish their.

And it's turning into a big enough issue with a large amount of users saying they'll leave the site or quit uploading.

Now onto since a lot of stuff has been going down as well.

The increase of non porn memes, real life underage pics, ghosting and ghosting topics are still and have gotten worse.

Along with the place getting increasingly rapey as some people have threatened too rape some users their and the mods girlfriends.

The massive hatred for the mods and admins have gotten worse as of late, with people getting more frequently angry at them. Along with the massive deletion of edit pics even good ones have been deleted due too supposed poor quality and the increasingly deletion happy nature of anything looking child like, much too the dismay of a good deal of shortstack lovers their and a lot more adult pics with just adult looking characters have been getting deleted.

And a lot more artists have filing for more DMCA's on the site, so that their work will get taken down and deleted from the site.

As well as the issue on the site with being sent in a loop while trying too message someone, as well as the big recaptcha issue still being a big problem on the site.
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