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Thread Starter - The evil council continuation

OOC: No idea.

Rex: I don't know, maybe they believe she have a potential we saw. I might even be wrong and just be too worried. Being in the crosshair of a general with that attitude is certainly a problem. Thenkfully he still doesn't know where to find us.
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Thread Starter - General Dark Souls

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So Google owns Youtube and the system used for people to hire companies to claim the revenue for their own videos. Google is selling the solution to the problem they made, in a sense. What scumbags.
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@Joseph Raszagal
I know you are right also more reasons we can’t just have an abdl Mlp show is
1 a lot of the world apart from us isn’t into babyfur meaning the show could do pretty poorly with normal people
2 an mlp abdl themed show could reveal the abdl community to the whole world(our community isn’t a secret but it isn’t full on public either)meaning abdls could come under attack from none abdls(like poor jpyr who revealed himself to solar sands and had come under attack from non diaper lovers)
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