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Yeah, I only just now was made aware of the full situation; Too much stress and too much shitposting for me to think crearly.
I don't like it, but I'll chalk it up to one very anxious person in one very anxious community because it ultimately affected nothing, parasprite took reigns right the fuck again.
If there's any changes on the situation beyond this please keep this thread updated, I just blew off like a week worth of stress on like three hours of inane shitposting.
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The other thread is ideologically aligned, this one is ideologically opposed.
Or if you would want the "caving to wokemob" interpretation, the other thread has the twittermites.

Which is honestly hilarious. "We're pro love and tolerance guys! Watch as we fucking deplatform entire site because they dared to disagree!".
Or "everyone opposing blatant censorship is nazis! I demand everyone fall in line! But wait, my content is not for bigots or bootlickers!".

As I've said above: only no censorship whatsoever is lack of censorship. Any amount of censorship allowed at all beyond the legal necessity, whether 0.1, 50%, 100%, or 200% they went for, enables corrupt assholes to take things down for arbitrary reasons.
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Background Pony #C586
It was a nice last ride now to sleep. Ill see you all in a different hell someday.
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