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Why Tags Matter

Derpibooru has a lot of different types of content and almost any type of artwork and most types of meta content are allowed, thus, the use of filters to only see that which you want to is essential. Tags are a necessity for filtering to work, and rating tags are the most important because they capture large categorical distinctions of content type.

Important Tags

These are the most important tags, which you should start out with before considering others.

The rating tags

These special tags group content into broad categories. Images require at least one, and non-safe images can have one of each non-safe type (sexual, dark, and gross).
Note that images only reach a higher rating once they have something in that rating.

The safe rating (cannot be with any other ratings)

The sexual ratings (one per image)

  • suggestive (103770)

    Sexual implications, risqué acts, and minor nudity.

    • Breasts/buttcheeks/crotches any more than half uncovered on those implied to have bits to cover up
    • Sexualized scenarios (adults in diapers, transgender transformation, etc.)
    • Sexualized touching of breasts/buttcheeks
    • Posing sexually emphasizing part of the body, like "presenting" or "feet worship"
    • Prominent crotch bulges or nipple outlines
    • Sexual innuendo (including visual, such as crotch sub sandwich or penis shapes)
    • Kissing with spit coming out or clear tongue use
    • References to genitalia/sex/sex acts

  • questionable (96247)

    Not-quite-sex, intense acts, and nudity.

    • Nipples on breasts
    • Sexually-emphasized gross scenarios, such as:
      • Being in a throat, stomach, or intestines
      • Morbid obesity
      • Bodily waste being excreted, held in clothing, or sensually interacted with
      • Feet licking
    • Genital/anus clothing outlines beyond just a bulge, like cameltoe
    • Genitals barely-concealed/censored (such as leaf/pubic tuft covering, or pixellation)
    • Moderately-detailed (an outline and inner solid shape only) sheaths or anuses (like a star/dot in a circle or a crescent/line/dot in a bump)
      • Simple (only an outline or solid shape) sheaths or anuses (like a star, circle, or bump) are as normal (suggestive if sexualized, safe otherwise)
      • For these purposes, sharp contrast counts as forming lines/shapes
    • Sexualized touching of the following areas:
      • Nipples
      • Crotch
      • Between buttcheeks or around the anus
    • Sex toys
    • Would-be sex or ejaculation with stand-ins for genitals/anuses (such as sub sandwiches or horns)
    • Implicit insertions (clearly going up a hole, but not visible and not done for them to get off, such as enemas or a comedic shove)
    • Descriptions of sex

  • explicit (260833)

    Sex, sex fluids, and major nudity.

    • Genitals (penises, vaginas/vulvas, balls, etc.) including any detailed visuals of them
    • Detailed anuses and sheaths
    • Sex (genital/anal stimulation, even if not visible)
    • Sexual bodily fluids (cum, precum, or vaginal fluids)
    • Extremely detailed descriptions of sex

The dark ratings (one per image)

The gross rating

Other important tags

You will likely be banned for repeatedly not tagging these, as with ratings.

Orientation Tags

These tags apply for any sexual or romantic acts as well as relationships, and no two are mutually exclusive. Note that female by default does not include futa.
You likely won't be banned for forgetting these tags, but they are still important.

Common tags

These are generally expected on upload, but are less important.