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Do not PM staff members with your reports. Instead, if you think something breaks the rules, use the "Report" button, which is included next to all user-created content on the site. This will ensure swift handling of your issue, since most staff members don't check their PMs nearly as vigilantly as the reports queue.

Staff PMs are only for general questions or for getting help with using the site.

Before contacting any of the staff members, you should try to ask your question in our Discord or IRC channels.

Keep in mind that all staff are unpaid volunteers who donate their time and effort into making sure this site remains organized and operational. Please do not harass them, and try to keep your PMs constructive. We will happily answer your questions, however receiving plenty of PMs for no reason gets tiring and impacts our ability to tend to more important matters, so please make sure you actually have a need to contact a staff member before doing so.


High-level staff of the site, typically handling larger-scope tasks, such as technical operation of the site or writing rules and policies.

If you have a query, an observation, a complaint, don't hesitate to PM me. For setting up your streaming channel, policy explanations, or any other site-related topic.

I am the technical operator and head staff of the site. PM me if you wish to report a security bug, or have concerns about a staff member.

Specializes in user relations, DNP and takedowns. Can help with most areas of the site. PM me if you need anything, or have concerns about a staff member. Also an e621 administrator, and can help with issues between sites.

Technical Team

Developers and system administrators of the site, people who make sure the site keeps running.

Tagging and Duplicates moderator, junior junior technical operator of the site. Contact me when in doubts about tag meanings, what tags to use, want to complain about duplicate merge decisions etc.

Sort of a tagging leader, there to organize people and get decisions made and apply them. I also do some coding and other site work and review rule enforcement. Feel free to ask tagging questions, or information on how to stay within rules.

Your friendly neighborhood staff horse, primarily lurking about in the site reports as well as in the tags and comments on less busy days!


The main moderation force of the site, handling a wide range of tasks from maintaining tags to making sure the rules are followed.

I'm just here to help out however I can with whatever the site needs in order to be at its best.

Artist concierge, helping artists with whatever they need help with, including verifying or customizing your tag, takedowns, DNPs, and issues with traces or other forms of derivative copyright. I also アジアの言語を手伝う. 友情は魔法だ🧚

I sell tags and tagging accessories.

i like working with tags, let me know if a tag (or set of tags) looks out of place or needs a clean up of large scale

Hiya! I mostly work in badges, tags, and artist aliases. Feel free to message if you've got a question in those areas :D

Hey there, I'm Fleety! I perform moderation overseeing and I will be glad to provide assistance through our support channels.

Hi! I’m generic comments/posts/images staff. Which is a lot of words for “ask me about anything but tags sweet Celestia do not ask about tags I don’t do tags.”

I specialize mainly in tags, feel free to ask me any tagging questions, no need to be shy!

I'm Mikey, I'm a friendly guy who loves this site. I'm also a Site Moderator. Don't hesitate to PM me if you need help with anything site related!

Moderator for Derpibooru, I do a bit of everything. Contact me if you have any general questions or concerns.

That one dress-obsessed trans girl and crossdressing lover. Online daily. Feel free to PM me for assistance. Mainly stick to tagging and duplicates, but always willing to help someone one-on-one.

Staff member for an imageboard featuring unexpectedly viral kids show featuring talking cats with hooves; report and dupe queue and tagging severely undertagged images go brrrrrrrrrr

Mostly maintain images (literally, know a lot about obtaining higher quality from sites) and tags. Lazily support some UI scripts. А ещё мне можно писать на русском, но лучше не по срочным вопросам.


Volunteers who help us run the site by taking simpler tasks off the hands of administrators and moderators.

The salt is real.

Hi, I'm Mares Fillies. I live for Twilight Sparkle's nerdy librarian bath water, ask me anything about tag implications and descriptions, or derpibooru artist verifications or just message me about Twilight Sparkle :D.

I tag stuff and help with artist verification. Contact me if you have private tagging related concerns (or if you want to read copious amounts of detailed information regarding my OCs and AU).

As site assistant, my main focus is tagging. Puhumme myös suomea! Contact me if you have questions about tagging.

Hello, I am an assistant on derpibooru and I mostly work with tags and dupes

I often deal with merging images and setting tag descriptions / implications. I also help with artist link verifications and the 2022 collab thread. Feel free to dm me about anything :)

I assist with merging duplicate images and tagging.


People associated with the site in some other way, sometimes (but not necessarily) having staff-like permissions.

Every year I take a bunch of pictures of OCs and copy/paste them into one really big picture.

Unavailable Staff

Privileged users who are currently inactive and do not participate in any moderation activities.

🙂 (Unavailable)
Cyan Lightning (Unavailable)
tacodeltaco (Unavailable)
The Frowning Pony (Unavailable)