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Derpibooru is paid for by a small group of volunteers who cover the majority of the site's operating costs each month. None of the staff who run the site are paid - we're all volunteers.

The cost of running a site like Derpibooru is significant, and we rely on donations to help cover the site's monthly operating costs, which are well over 600 USD per month. We have never made profit from Derpibooru, and have no desire to profit from running the site.

What do I get for donating?

To say thank you for supporting us, you'll get a badge by your name on forums and image comments/uploads. There are different badges for donations in the last month and total donations.


You can support Derpibooru on a monthly basis via Patreon. Supporting the site in this way is the most useful to us, as a reliable monthly income allows us to invest more in the site's infrastructure, which is an ongoing monthly cost.

Click here to visit our Patreon page and become a patron. Badges for patrons are assigned on a regular basis, but may take a few days to appear.


If you prefer not to use Patroen, you can support Derpibooru buy buying a "coffee".

Click here to visit our Ko-fi page and become a get us a coffee. Badges for donors are assigned on a regular basis, but may take a few days to appear.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I support the site by advertising instead?

You can find out about advertising on the site over at this page.

Why does Derpibooru cost so much to run?

We host over four terabytes of artwork and transfer over one hundred fifty terabytes of images every month. Additionally, we run quite a complex website, with significant computational requirements - handling over two thousand requests per second on average.

On top of that, because we let you personalize the site completely through filters, we can't easily cache all the complicated work we do server-side. These factors combined mean we need a lot of transit (which is expensive) and a lot of server power (also expensive).

We don't have any costs on top of the servers and bandwidth that are covered by these donations; some minor incidental costs are covered out of pocket each month by members of the administration team. We all work for free; nobody is paid to run, write, moderate or maintain the site. What we ask for help with is the big cost of the servers and their upkeep and connectivity.

Why can't Derpibooru support itself through commercial ads?

We host a lot of content that most advertising networks will refuse to have their adverts featured alongside for legal reasons (payment companies get jumpy around graphic adult material). The networks that support being shown alongside this content are typically rather dodgy and we'd rather not deal with them and risk our users' privacy and safety.

We run adverts which feature primarily community artists who run commissions and wish to gain exposure via the site. These adverts do not bring a huge amount of money in towards the site's upkeep, but they do help.

We do not run Derpibooru to profit.

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