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Monocle Gentlesir
that whole mentality has never made any sense to me, it didn't then & it doesn't now. i mean they never seem to bring up black people (or non white) voicing a non white characters (few as they may be) or even think it exists & yet they (only) have a problem when its the other way round.

[@Dex Stewart](/forums/dis/topics/vent-thread?post_id=5345649#post_5345649)
i'm the same with Family Guy. it's kind of what made me stop caring (that much) for them. before, i'd still watch despite the decline in quality but after, i'm more critical (& maybe a bit pessimistic) than before the whole incident.

[@Just Wayne](/forums/dis/topics/vent-thread?post_id=5345661#post_5345661)
exactly. & that's because there is no problem that that (most) people want you to believe or that i can see.

i hope you're doing better now.
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