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reformation is the best
I have an AU going on but I made polls that have to deal with a problem regarding a pack in my AU look:

I wanted native amarican due to the pack (they are ponies who turn into wolves) who live near where appaloosa would be so I thought that native amarican could fit but i don't want to cause anything bad even though this is MY OWN creation and has no connection to any existing tribe but with the worry I had to ask and stuff but now im thinking of making this pack be more like Hobbits/halflings.

I have an idea for thier housing yo be more hobbit like but now I feel like I want to change the main culture to be more hobbit but I want to keep the headdress like one of the options I have on the poll (mainly the more simple one) so you can have something that shows who is the leader and I want it to refect the environment so dry grass would be the case.

My idea is that

Culture is more hobbit/halfling
With a mix of having great respect towards the sun (almost religiously-like) and a mix of prairie dog for security reasons.

Clothing is a mix of hobbit/halfling with long fabrics of clothing over the shoulder for the king and the males of the pack (females would wear them for winter) and having symbols of the sun on clothing and jewelery and on the headdress for the king, wearing dry grass is an accessory that disqungues this pack from others.

This is what I had so far and once I get the head dress with the most votes I would change it a bit and hope the final result won't offend anyone

But I still want your advice so I know what to do
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