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Hey guys. It's been a while lol
Anyway, I wrote a little something for my story, sort of like a "prologue" I'd say.

It's an attempt at poetry :V

"Legacy of a dying star"

*There was once a star that refused to die, because when stars die, they eat the light and leave nothing behind. But it refused to keep living as it was as well, so a new legacy was created instead, because ancestors never die; they live within their successors.*

*From a dying star’s conscience, it emerged; SHE was created, surpassing time before reaching ground and decaying. The universe’s beacon of awareness was born.*

*Multiplication by multiplication, SHE materialized. Little by little, the roots emerged.*

*With a new legacy born, the reign of the unanimated was no longer alone.*

*The new conscience arrived. The chaos in the surface greeted her with enthusiasm.*

*"A new legacy begins" they sing.*

*"Let us design it your way" SHE hears.*

*And so, through pure instinct, SHE begins HER procedures, before the one who always comes back with time arrives.*

*"These little dots shall be our legacy" SHE adds.*

*Millions and millions of possibilities the unanimated will never understand are the reason for their elevation.*

*Because of death, there is life. And because of life, there is death.*

*"They shall be only used to elevate life" SHE warned the unanimated.*

*"For the evil sibling of time is always waiting".*

*"Our little dots and strings of life shall define us" they all concluded. For SHE will never thdiey; SHE will live within the embryos of the underground.*

*Multiplication by multiplication, THEY emerged: the lords of dots and strings.*

*The trees and the beasts followed, and they too recieved THEIR blessings.*

*Coded one by one, with each new sequence created, they differentiated from each other.*

*"The inmortality of legacy shall define US" THEY said. And so, they emerged from the depths.*

*THEIR eternal duty shall THEY take, for ancestors never die; they live within their successors.*

*THEY became the new encoders: the ambassadors of life.*

My writing skills are a bit rusty, so feel free to correct me on anything.
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